The College of Construction and Technology has a management structure of training policy and coordination department, finance and economics department, business service supply department, construction department, technology department, and general research department. It has become one of the largest private colleges with 2 staff buildings, 14 classrooms, a laboratory, a library, a cultural center, an art gallery and a cafeteria with staff, students and pupils.

The school started with a short-term training program with 4 teachers and staff of 2 professions and now has more than 100 teachers, staff and more than 1,500 students.

We provide training to unemployed youth, people with disabilities, single women, and men based on civic talents and current market needs, in accordance with the basic principles of education, and to meet the needs of the labor market and employers. We are training highly qualified staff based on our teaching staff with 2-37 years of experience, comfortable learning environment and supply of material resources.

For more than 20 years, our school has trained more than 20,000 skilled workers in the labor market of Mongolia and abroad. There are many graduates. 85% of our graduates are employed.